KWV Brandy


This fine brandy blend is matured for at least 3 years in small French oak barrels. Through careful selection of only the best grapes containing a low pH, high acidity and low sugar content, we create a dark golden, medium-bodied brandy. It offers a smooth, fruity taste, with aromas of fresh apple, pear and spicy vanilla complementing the flavourful experience.


Blending our award winning KWV Brandy and our secret formulation Cola, the ready to drink premix is the ultimate drinking convenience. The superior blend brandy gives our KWV Brandy & Cola a richer, smoother finish, with a delightfully fruity character.


This superior blend is matured for at least five years in small French oak barrels. Our brandy masters make sure that each batch conforms to KWV’s high standards, which require a complex balance of components. KWV FIVE achieves delicate, fruity tones of apple, pear and raisin, enhanced by strong and spicy aromas. Its bright golden hue completes the sensory experience.


KWV VS Signature Release is the latest expression from our Brandy Master Pieter de Bod. It is aged in small French oak barrels and contains only 100% Potstill Brandy. A uniquely smooth brandy with a spicy and fruity palate, accentuated by notes of ripe apple and oak spices with hints of vanilla.


Matured for at least 10 years in small French Oak barrels, this multi-award winning 100% Potstill brandy is carefully hand selected and finely crafted over a decade by our Brandy Master. Through our passion and experience we are able to achieve a brandy with an unrivalled smooth finish, notes of fresh oak and spicy aromas.


Barrel Select represents artful blending by the KWV Brandy Master to deliver a perfect marriage of aged Potstills, the product of years of careful crafting. This golden liquid conjures dried fruit, honey and oak flavours to deliver a well-balanced brandy with a long, lingering after-taste. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.


Matured for no less than 15 years in French oak barrels and tells the true story of time revealing character and is the product of our master brandy maker’s patience and dedication to the art of fine brandy making. Not many 15 year blends can match the alluring amber hue and elegant notes delivered by KWV 15. Take time to savour this complex brandy, which is also considered the “best brandy in the world”!


Having given the grapes a minimum of 20 years to extract the best from the French oak barrels, our master brandy maker further combined the liquid with older brandies to bring out KWV 20. The dedication, time and craftsmanship required to create this brandy shows in its premium taste.

KWV Nexus 30 year old Potstill Brandy is handcrafted in small batches at our world renowned Cellars, using only the finest selected grapes double distilled in French copper potstills and masterfully matured to perfection in French Oak for between 30 to 40 years. Paying homage to this precious nectar it is suspended in an exquisite hand-blown bottle crafted by local artisans.

To celebrate our 100th year, KWV’s Master Blender created this very special blend, a brandy that truly transcends time. Behind the award-winning KWV label, you will taste and experience a piece of South African history. It all began in 1918 with the first-ever brandy. Two large potstills were used to distill what has become known as KWV’s legendary 1926 vintage. Some of this vintage bottled 97 years ago, is resting in this very bottle. Our Centenary Potstill Brandy reflects the richness of KWV’s heritage as pioneers of South African spirits and contains some of our country’s oldest brandies, including some of that very special brandy filled 97 years ago. This rich golden amber brandy, which has an average maturation period of no less than 37 years, has a unique flavour profile of honey, tawny port, vanilla and ground cinnamon. On taste there are expressive notes of caramelized fruit, saffron, tobacco and chocolate.